Trainers - durability

In the past I found New Balance to fit comfortably and to have long lasting although hard soles. I'm currently wearing Brookes red Ravenna 5 which, as a heal striker, need instant and continuous application of Shoe Goo. Nonetheless they are very comfortable if slightly bouncy when new. (I have five pairs which I wear on a rotating basis - to allow the Shoe Goo to dry.) I haven't tried Ravenna 6 yet as there is little incentive to change while red Ravenna 5 are still available via the Internet and are reasonably priced.

Images of heal wear:

Shoe Goo applied to heal Heal - less than 100 miles Heal - after approx 250 miles

Images of sole wear:

Mid sole - less than 100 miles Mid sole - after approx 250 miles Mid sole - overuse