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My road running archives

A selection from my photos, certificates and medals

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1st place in the Derby 48 hours

My distance for 48 hours on the Athletics track at Derby was 158 miles. The world record for this distance was set by the Greek distance runner Yiannis Kouros at 294miles 710yards 1997

Watch You Tube video of Yiannis Kouros: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7UzmKxe3Xk

A few of my many certificates

It felt like 200 meter sprinting at times during the South London Harriers 30 mile race - and sore knees afterwards - but 3hrs 29mins was quite a good performance for me and helped achieve third class in the Road Runners Club.
 The Interprint 12 hour race series was held at the Harvey Hadden Stadium in Nottingham.
 The Solihull 100km (9hr 31min 34sec) 7th place: I remember trying to keep up as we walked to the pub the night before; having conjunctivitis which recovered during the race and the 1km loops.
 For a history of the Two Bridges 36 mile race - There was heavy rain...

A selection of my medals

A few photos of me competing in road races

Some of my race statistics from 1986, 1989 & 1991 Ultra marathon statistics


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