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Guitar - homepage: classical guitar played by Anthony Barnett

Guitar made by Antonio Lorca

Video compilation of me playing: 1/ejercicio no. 10/9; 2/lagrima; 3/Calatuyud vals; 4/an unusual slow version of Antonio Laura's Vals Criollo; 4/ Romance d'amour

Video: El Testament D'Amelia by Miguel Llobet

Video: Gigue by Johann Anton Losy (1645-1721)

burung ketilang


J.S.Bach_aria (1685-1750)

S.L. Weiss_sarabande (1686-1750)


listen to mazurka1

listen to mazurka2

listen to mazurka3

Carcassi_andantino (1& 7) from Opus 21 (1792-1853)

Read about Matteo Carcassi on Wikipedia

Carcassi_allegretto (17) from Opus 21

Carcassi_valse(18) from Opus 21

Carcassi_allegretto (24) from Opus 21




J.S.Bach_bouree (1685-1750)

J.Krieger_bouree (1651-1735)

ejercicio no. 10/9



Based on a poem I wrote inspired by a visit to a reception class.


Inspiration from the early-years (original lyrics) Guitar accompaniment based on Lars Viblom - Northern Light and Napoleon Coste - Barcarole. Available in Holecek (1988) Guitar pieces from five centuries, Doblinger


Early-years setting with simple guitar backing


Get going with Am


Could be Sunday

Working through Saturday

Challenges and the future: 7-3-2015

Possibility Road

A serious side to jogging 3-4-2015

Jogging On

written for the Worcester 1/2 marathon 10-4-2015

Ibuprofen junky

Ibuprofen junky 14-6-2015


Comp: from way back


Improvising on the bassline


blues train






Based on You've got a Friend by Carol King


Based on Homeward Bound by Paul Simon


The Boxer - Paul Simon

Video recordings from 2015

Jubing Kristianto - Amelia Video recording 28-9-15

Antonio Lauro - Negrita Video recording 1-11-15

El Testament D'Amelia by Miguel Llobet Video recording

Gigue by Johann Anton Lossy (1645-1721) Video recording

Video recordings from 2013

Compilation (2013): Ferrer - ejercicio; Tarrega - lagrima; Calatuyud - vals; vals Criollo; Romance d'amour Video recording

Original compositions

Working through Saturday (original composition) Sound recording with lyrics: 7-3-2015

Possibility Road (original composition) Sound recording with lyrics: 3-4-2015

Jogging On (original composition) written for the Worcester 1/2 marathon 2015 Sound recording with lyrics: 10-4-2015

Ibuprofen junky Sound recording: Ibuprofen junky 14-6-2015

Bird on a Wire - Leonard Cohen song Sound recording: Bird on a Wire 23-7-2015

Some of my favourite guitar music

Antonio Lauro Ana Vidovic: Valses Venezolanos 2 y 3 - Antonio Lauro

Miguel Llobet c1900 Original recordings introduced by Robert Spencer

PachelbelCanon in D - cello and guitar

Django Reinhardt - Hot Club of France Minor swing

The Great Guitars  Barney Kessel, Charlie Byrd and Herb Ellis - 1982

Wes Montgomery Full House

Charlie Christian Charlie Christian

Barney Kessel Trio Autumn Leaves

Jimi Hendrix Little Wing

Eric Clapton - Disraeli Gears Strange Brew

Peter Green - Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Woman

Country Joe and the Fish Electric Music for the Mind and Body

Mott the Hoople Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes 1972

Leadbelly- Midnight Special - one from several versions

Lou Reed - Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Glen Campbell - Gentle on My Mind

Bob Dylan - My Back Pages

And also -

Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits

Beegie Adair Trio - Autumn Leaves - Beegie Adair Trio - Autumn Leaves

Avalon Jazz band - Ménilmontant (Charles Trenet) - Avalon Jazz band - Ménilmontant (Charles Trenet)

Michael Thames - guitar luthier Including Torres with brass tornavoz

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