Worcester 1/2 marathon - 19th May 2019

Looking back, I can see that my left foot has been injured now for more than 6 months. It's possible that one injury has been replaced by another as the first starts to recover. The pain has moved around: at one point I thought it was a stress fracture but now it seems much more likely to be tendenitis, hence the length of time it's taking to recover. I've certainly taken it easy during the last six months but I have participated in several running events, including several ultra distances races.

So, I tried a 10 mile training run over a week before the Worcester 1/2 marathon and it seemed ok. At about 8 miles there was a slight twinge in the foot but nothing serious so I continued. The next day I could hardly put my weight on the foot as I got out of bed though I could stand on tiptoes and the pain soon diminished. I had the disticnt impression that the foot was well on the way to recovery despite this soreness. I therefore maintained a much reduced mileage coming up to the Worcester 1/2 and kept the Friday and Saturday as non-running days as extra rest before Sunday 19th, the day of the event.

I decided to take it easy during the Worcester 1/2 marathon and the foot felt generally ok up until a bout 9 miles when I felt a slight twinge. Energy wise, I was feeling ok and I could have run the final 4 miles with some intensity but I decided to take notice of the foot. I therefore jog walked the rest of the way... and it was ok. Straight afterwards however the foot started to feel sore. The next morning, the pain was so severe that I could almost not move when getting out of bed but this soon passed. I took some Paracetemol and sprayed the foot with freeze spray. I think this has really got to be Stage One tendinitis as I can still stand on tiptoes and do heel raises. I just need to persevere with taking it easy! Thinking about the cause, I'm wondering if it was the treadmill at the gym? Unlike road or trail the surface and gradient are exactly the same which could have resulted in an over use injury.

Anyway, it looks like I'm heading for a reduced mileage summer and I'll need to decide whether to participate in the events planned as the year unfolds - Doncaster 1/2, Trailblaster 12 hour, Cotswold 24 hour and Chorley 6 hour.

Worcester 1/2 marathon results